maandag 23 maart 2009

Denmark Girls

Only one week and then you will have more nice stuff to use when you are baking. Kisses to my friends "the four Denmark girls"!

6 opmerkingen:

Stephanie zei

Did you eat all of this in only one week???!!!!

Jaap & Tina Muller/Steffens zei

What?!! are you grazy Steef, you Blondy!
They will have it at home in one week, it is now in my house waiting to be taken to the "Denmark girls". And they better not eat it all in one week.... it would make them sick.

Stephanie zei

Ok, I'm blond......

Bracco Italiano - BiancoRosso zei

Hello blondie and friends! Guess who´s mouth is watering, now we will BAKE AWAY! My mother is so gelaous...

hanneke zei

Die K3 hagelslag wordt geld waard hoor! Leg dat maar s uit in Denemarken!

Jaap & Tina Muller/Steffens zei

Tja, dat is ook wat he! Katleen eruit. Kan wel janken.