woensdag 31 juli 2019

Bracco Italiano Puppies (English)

Edda da Dama di Ala D`Oro

Edda is the Bracco Italiano bitch that is covered. She is three years old and is orange/white in color. Edda is officially x-rayed with results HD A = free ED 0/0 = free. Edda is DNA tested on origin and color. She is a super sweet dog, very obedient. Edda is grown up and educated at her (co) owner June in Scotland. She has a tremendous work ethic with a great nose. We hunt with her in the Netherlands, Scotland and Italy. She is in the possession of official outstanding Italian field trail qualifications, she has her retrieving license. On the show "Edda" does great too. She has obtain the title of Dutch Champion.

Fabrizio Bettino di Ala D'Oro "Mose"

Mose is the male that is going to cover Edda. He is an orange/white male of eight years old. Mose is x-rayed and his officially results are FCI FCI HD A = free and ED 0/0= free. His DNA has been tested on color. Mose has acquired nice titles, such as Dutch Youth Champion, Dutch Champion and International Champion. Mose is an imposing male, he is sweet and honest. We are very impressed by his strong character, which among other things make that he is a real go-getter. He has a tremendous work ethic. Mose grown up and is educated by his (co) owner, Michel. In Italy Mose obtained official field trail qualifications.


Last year we tried to cross this blood lines already. Our Sebastiana Bruna "Bas" (the sister of Mose) was then covered by Morini , the brother of Edda. Unfortunately this combination remained empty. Now we hope that this mating, with Mose and Edda, will give us a chance on pups with this beautiful descent.


We have enormously high expectations of this combination and hope that it will succeed. If Edda is indeed pregnant, the pups are born at the end of September and at the beginning of December they are old enough to go to their new owners. Only orange pups are born out of this combination.


 Of course, this planned combination is conforms to the rules of the official FCI Kennel Club in the Netherlands, the "Raad van Beheer". We are members of the Breed Club - Dutch Association of Italian pointing dogs (Vereniging Italiaanse Staande Jachthonden- VISJ), the club is part of and connected with the "Raad van Beheer". This combination also conforms to the official rules of the Dutch Association of Italian pointing dogs (Vereniging Italiaanse Staande Jachthonden- VISJ)

If you are interested in a puppy from our Ala D'Oro kennel, feel free to contact us. Email dialadoro@gmail.com

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