zaterdag 3 juli 2010

Bracco Italiano auction

In the USA we maybe will have the first Bracco Italiano puppy auction ever.

Just a few days after Bracco female Leila has given birth to two puppies from male Apollo the Bracco Italiano breeder of this litter from Colorado put on a auction for one of the puppies.

Is the reason of this auction that the breeder does not know who he has to pick from all his perfect potential puppy owners to sell it to or does he just want to make as much money possible? That breeder let you know that it is not about the money, but as understandable some of his potential puppy buyers (and others who got the forwarded e-mail about it) where a little shocked.

For all people that want to have a Bracco Italiano puppy from the USA; It is NOT smart and necessary to buy it from an auction. It is very simple just contact the Bracco Italano Club in the USA. Webpage URL They will be happy to help you find breeders that have planned to have a litter.

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Jaap & Tina Muller/Steffens zei

I get a lot of questions about where the photo was taken. Can people be really so naive? It is of course a manipulated picture, just to give you an idea how a Bracco Italiano auction would look like...........