zaterdag 14 mei 2011

Bracco Italiano in Denmark

We are in Denmark! Had to visit Lisbeth with my Mom, it is great to be here again. Laura enjoy the Danish moor..........

4 opmerkingen:

Rigmor Fiveltun zei

Denmark?! Then it not so long to Norway! Coooooome!!!!

Jaap & Tina Muller/Steffens zei

But it is a long way up to your house........ wise we could make the trip but have to work too!
Kisses from Tina

St├ęphanie zei

Wat leuk!! Hoop dat jullie het leuk gehad hebben!

Jaap & Tina Muller/Steffens zei

Ja, leuk gehad. Succes..............!