zaterdag 12 maart 2011

Hunting row-deer instead of getting Bracco Italiano love.

Having a hunting area in the North part of Holland and living in the West part of Holland mean that in hunting seasons Jaap have to travel a lot. It is important to keep the promises to farmers around his hunting grounds. This year he have to put down even more row-deer then last year. And of course Jaap has take this job seriously. Last Thursdays he was rewarded with a very beautiful mature female row-deer. This coming four day’s are also spend in the field. Well I see that some of the Ala d’Oro ladies feel a little neglected! On photo, Jaap and the row-deer.

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Hanneke zei

Hee Jaap, kom ajb hierheen met die gun! Die schattige bambi's vreten werkelijk al onze jonge aanplant kaal! We houden straks alleen nog laurierstruiken over..... Ze komen zelfs in het hondengebied, mijn abrikozenboompje kan ik ook afschrijven... grrrrrr......