zaterdag 19 december 2009

Jagen in Denemarken

Van Lisbeth en Bo kregen wij het bericht dat de afgelopen jachtdagen goed zijn verlopen. Dank voor de foto's, binnenkort zien we elkaar weer! Thank you for the picture and we will see each other soon!

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Lisbeth Bo Dichov Lund zei

Very cold 1. December morning, sun never came at my high seat position. Anyway after 3 hours just before 12 o'clock, where the hunt ended, a small herd with only follow deers and hinds apears round 100 meters from me. Was lucky that 3 of them was breaking out of the herd, with blank side. Shot immediately on the third. Great sign on hit. After app. 80 meters, the hind got down like a stone. Great day and as you can see, big animal and many good dinners in it ;O) The weight was 76 kg without entrails. The kill was made with my Sako riffle 7x64.
10.1 gram Oryx bullet.
It seems that sun came anyway in more that one perspective.
Just a little history from a happy hunter :O) Hopefully we soon gathering and make a good dinner, we all can enjoy in good company.
Kindly regards Lisbeth & Bo