dinsdag 14 juli 2009

Italiaanse honden, Italiaans jasje.

Ik ben blij met mijn kado's, Jaap is blij met zijn kado! Bedankt he!
I am happy with my gifts, Jaap is pleased with his gift! Thank you!

5 opmerkingen:

Stephanie zei

Ziet er goed uit zeg!

Bracco Italiano - BiancoRosso zei

Good looking fellow that one! Hugs

Jaap & Tina Muller/Steffens zei

Hello Denmark....what about saxobank. Rabobank sucks?
Let's Tour de France soon!

-Aktivt Hundeliv forhandler kvalitet til den aktive hund og ejer- zei

Well, i havent even seen Rabobank in the race. Do they actually have a team in the tour this year???
Sunday Saxobank opened the race and Contador won. The next coming days Saxobank will bee the team that will give Astana the biggest fight.
But Contador seems to strong for the young Andy.
With a little luck, Saxobank will only win the teamjersy, the white jersy, some stages and a second ore third place, but that is also OK.
(compared to Rabobank, LOL)

Anna zei

OK, Rabobank got their stage win and the tour is a succes.
Andy got his second place and Saxo got some stage wins. All in all a great tour de france for Holland and Denmark.
Is their some Field Trials for Bambi in Holland this autum??